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School Supply List

   WWMS Supply List for 6th grade 2018-2019

  • One large binder/Trapper Keeper with zipper

  • Math  
    • One Composition Notebook to be kept in the classroom (no spirals)
    • Scotch Tape - students will need to have several of their own rolls at all times
    • Expo (low odor) marker for use with mini whiteboards
    • At least 2 packs of notebook paper
    • TI-30 XIIS Calculator

  • Language Arts
    • One Composition Notebook to be kept in the classroom (no spirals)
    • 2 Packs of Notecards/Index Cards
    • Scotch Tape (not double-sided)
    • Colored pencils 12 pack

  • Science - Two 100 page  non-spiral composition notebooks and Scotch tape dispensers

  • Social Studies - 1 ½-2 inch 3 ring binder with loose leaf notebook paper

  • Other Supplies to be used in ALL classes:  
    • Clear tape (individual dispensers)
    • Several packs of loose leaf notebook paper
    • Pencils and handheld sharpener with shavings catcher
    • Colored pencils (Twistables recommended)/markers & glue sticks
    • Pencil pouch for supplies
    • Earbuds to be kept at school  (Dollar Tree is great for these)
    • Folders for organization

Please keep in mind that some of the materials above will need to be “restocked” throughout the school year. Students are expected to have supplies

by the second day of school.

  • **Items that are not required, but helpful in the classroom:

Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, Clear Tape, Ziploc Bags, Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Packs of Colored Copy Paper


$12.00  (Required Lock rental & Agenda Book & LEAD notebook)

There will be other requirements for Exploratory Classes at the beginning of the year. This will depend on what your child is assigned as their elective.   

***Book bags, satchels, purses, etc. are not allowed in the classroom.  All types of bags must be stored inside a locker until the end of the day.  

Book bags with wheels are not allowed.




2018-19  Supply List--7th Grade-West Wilkes Middle   It is important to get all items on this list for classes!! Notice some classes require special items!!   Be sure you get plenty.


  • Several Packs of Loose Leaf Paper
  • #2 Pencils-Many!! NOT MECHANICAL
  • Handheld Pencil Sharpener
  • Earbuds for the computer (This is important!)
  • Cap erasers
  • Colored pencils-- 24 color

SCIENCE--Be sure you get the glue sticks and colored pencils in general!

  • 7 X 9 Journal Notebook,  NOT SPIRAL
  • Highlighter-1
  • 2 rolls of scotch tape just for science class.


  • Several packs of index cards for stems.
  • Single subject composition notebook.
  • 1.5 inch plastic binder (Powers classes only)
  • Subject/index dividers for binder (Powers classes only)
  • Loose-leaf paper for binder (Powers classes only)
  • Plastic sheet protectors for binder (Powers classes only)


  • 5-Subject Notebook with plastic cover for Interactive Notebook
  • 3 rolls of scotch tape just for math class  
  • Small handheld stapler

SOCIAL STUDIES --Be sure you get the glue sticks and colored pencils in general!!  

  • 3-Subject Notebook with plastic cover for Interactive Notebook

$5.00 Lock Fee--$5.00 Agenda  [ NO type of book bag will be allowed in the room!   OPTIONAL, But VERY MUCH APPRECIATED--Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, Copy Paper (White or colors)

8th Grade Supply List

3 Composition notebooks, no spiral notebooks please

2 Single Subject Notebook

2 Spiral 3 Subject Notebook with Pocket

One inch Binder

(3) Two inch Binder

Dividers with pockets

Filler paper

Scotch Tape


Graph Paper

Colored Pencils


Glue Sticks

Fine Line Markers

Expo Markers

Various Colored Sticky Notes

TI 84 Plus Graphing Calculator- optional

Wish List


Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes